Things I will miss…

Posted on 9 February 2012 by


Things I will miss about Cambodia: the smiling faces, the feeling of constantly moving, the wind blowing through my hair on the tuk tuks, watching how many people/things can fit on a moto or truck, seeing the many faces of Cambodia, buying pretty dresses and scarves for cheap, bartering with vendors who really do give you a good deal, being called “lady” everywhere I go, telling people I am American everywhere I go, the authentic spicy food, the way that traffic is crazy but flows almost perfectly, the cheap liquor – the cheap everything, how fries seemed like the best thing god created, helping patients walk through the clinic during the mission, handing out toothbrushes to patients, the wonderful people who I was able to make conversation with through translators, the wonderful and talented group of classmates and volunteers, the gorgeous landscapes and learning firsthand about the people and culture of Cambodia.  

 Things I will not miss (spoiled American alert): playing connect the dots with bug bites on my legs, the deep underlying sadness, the children begging, the abject poverty everywhere, not being able to help in ways I wish I could, the limited beer selection, being on a bus for long hours, worrying about getting sick OR actually getting sick, THE HEAT THE HEAT THE HEAT and finally  – the squatter toilets.

 In short – I love Cambodia. I cannot wait to come back.

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