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Portrait of a Cambodian family

29 May 2012


The intoxicating aroma of steamed meats and vegetables fills the air as Sarane Thean eats stir-fry beef with his family. Seven cinnamon brown-and-white puppies run around as the eight relatives sit in a circle on a raised wooden platform beside their house in Koh Kong, Cambodia. Smoke blows through the light breeze while they enjoy […]

Things I will miss…

9 February 2012


Things I will miss about Cambodia: the smiling faces, the feeling of constantly moving, the wind blowing through my hair on the tuk tuks, watching how many people/things can fit on a moto or truck, seeing the many faces of Cambodia, buying pretty dresses and scarves for cheap, bartering with vendors who really do give […]

“It can’t be said enough…

2 February 2012


…it is the woman who pays.” -Kurt Vonnegut Tong Sarin swats away the flies creeping up on her basket of bright green mangoes and fire engine red chumpu fruit. The 55-year-old Koh Kong resident has been selling her fruit to hospital patients and visitors for at least 6 years. Sarin makes 10,000-20,000 riel – the […]

Adventures in Phnom Penh and Koh Dach

30 January 2012


Friday January 27 With our luggage crammed in the trunk and backseat, we packed into our cab outside of the airport in Phnom Penh. Chheng Penh Rith, our cab driver, took us to our hotel as we relaxed after a 17 hour flight. Chheng reminisced about the music of the 1960’s. He prefers songs before […]