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19 February 2012


The sun hot, the air still, and every corridor of the hospital a sea of noise.  Hundreds of sweating bodies young and old from miles around gather in long lines to be seen by American doctors in Koh Kong Feb 2, 2012.  At every station volunteers call loudly encouraging order, waving arms and using vibrant […]

Dark Days

17 February 2012


On Feb 3, 2012 Austrian tourist Josef Osterreich died in Ward 5 at Koh Kong Hospital, Cambodia.  According to medical officials at Koh Kong Hospital he checked only four days earlier with ill health, loss of control over his bowels, extreme diabetes and little will to live.  According to the resident Doctor, Osterreich’s immune system was […]

Hearts Full of Joy

12 February 2012


Oldies But Goodies

5 February 2012


Pol Pot’s regime murdered approximately 1.4 million Cambodians. The lucky ones stand before us, few and far between are old. The age group of 35-50 suffered the most casualties from two decades of war, leaving their surviving parents to live alone. In Cambodia old people cannot rely on any sort of state support. Government agencies […]

The Road to Koh Kong

4 February 2012


Fresh Baked

4 February 2012