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Dental Journalism

8 February 2012


Photos by William Camargo As of last week I became an embedded reporter, and the dental clinic at Koh Kong Provincial Referral Hospital was my war zone. I would have never thought in my wildest dreams that when I volunteered to lend a hand to the doctors and dentists of the CHPAA mission that I […]

Traffic in Phnom Penh

31 January 2012


Stepping outside of the Phnom Penh airport presented a very unique version of a tradition that can be seen in any major city around the world: Traffic. Organized chaos is literally the best way to describe it. There are more motorcycles within the parameters of the city than I’ve ever seen before. I hear there […]

Cambodian countryside

29 January 2012


This is an account of my drive from Phnom Penh to the province of Koh Kong. It is simply a descriptive narrative of what I thought about the sights that I witnessed. The Cambodian countryside may be one of the most mesmerizing sites you will ever see. The fields are flat and filled with a […]