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Doing a lot with a little

1 February 2012


The instruments are inadequate and in this backdrop of rural Cambodia they seem medieval. Daniel Chan, a family doctor from California, scavenged for tools to best use for removing a tumor among the supplies left at the Cambodian Professional Health Association of America’s clinic in Koh Kong. “You’re making me nervous,” the physician’s assistant said. […]

The things we take for granted

1 February 2012


He was 16 when he lost his hand. His name is Reth Dina. A native of the village Syreang, Cambodia, Dina is 20 now. The Cambodian Health Professional Association of America and its prosthetics facility on the island of Koh Dach gave Dina and fellow amputees a new chance Saturday when he was given a […]

Saying you are

30 January 2012


Tonight is the calm before the chaos. Tomorrow the clinics in Koh Kong, Cambodia begin and it will be an experience in which I practice the art of suspending my disbelief. It is the method of entering an interview, an event or witnessing a medical mission’s doctors, medical students and volunteers treating patients in dire […]

Chom reab sour – Welcome

27 January 2012


By Laura Barron-Lopez Phnom Penh, Cambodia – From the sky land looks relatively familiar and uniform no matter your coordinates on the globe. Some is more lush with green pastures, others barren. Descending into Phnom Penh it is easy to fool yourself into believing that you are home, arriving in a place you know. That […]