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We exist to compete; we compete to exist

1 February 2012


On the way to Koh Kong Sunday, I was sitting next to a CHPAA volunteer who asked me if there was a competitive vibe between me and my classmates. A classmate was sitting behind me, so automatically I went on the defensive. “Yes, but that’s what makes us better journalists,” I told her nonchalantly. We […]

My first bargaining experience in Cambodia

28 January 2012


Intentions are tricky bastards. You want to assume that everyone means well, but you also don’t want to be naïve. We traveled to Koh Dach island Saturday to watch amputees get fitted for prosthetic hands. Food and clothes vendors were stationed around the set-up. I was curious to see what kind of scarves they had […]


27 January 2012


It feels like a dream–like I’m not really here. I see and am conscious of everything that’s happening, but it feels like I’m having an out of body experience. I keep pinching myself to make sure that I am, in fact, awake in Cambodia. After sitting in a plane for more than 14 hours, we made […]