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The floating village

18 February 2012


There are people of Tonle Sap Lake, Siem Reap, Cambodia that make up the largest freshwater lake of Southeast Asia. As a tourist of the floating village, you travel the murky waters on a boat that occupies approximately 35 people. Locals approach you by speedboat with their children posing with snakes and their index finger, pointing […]

Phnom Penh in black and white

3 February 2012


Diptich Cambodia

29 January 2012


Koh Dach, The Charming Island

28 January 2012


Hello World

25 January 2012


By Susana Cobo It’s the day of departure. We are departing from LAX  and soaring to Phnom Penh, Cambodia tonight and while most of us are stressing to buy things and pack at last minute, we are excited, to be most vague. Karmina Landicho posted in our Facebook group, “I just want to say, I feel so […]